Currency Risk Factors in a Recursive Multicountry Economy

Currency Risk Factors in a Recursive Multicountry Economy

  • M. M. CROCE
  • R. READY

Article first published online: 9th August 2018 DOI: 10.1111/jofi.12720


Focusing on the ten most traded currencies, we provide empirical evidence regarding a significant heterogeneous exposure to global growth news shocks. We incorporate this empirical fact in a frictionless risk‐sharing model with recursive preferences, multiple countries, and multiple consumption goods whose supply features both global and local short‐ and long‐run shocks. Since news shocks are priced, heterogeneous exposure to long‐lasting global growth shocks results in a relevant reallocation of international resources and currency adjustments. Our unified framework replicates the properties of the HML‐FX and HML‐NFA carry‐trade strategies studied by Lustig et al. (2011) and Della Corte et al. (2016).

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